Caravan storage in Les Landes

Stockage de caravane dans les landes durant l'hiver

Store your caravan for the winter close to your holiday destination.

How about driving with a carefree spirit, without constantly looking in the rearview mirror to watch your precious caravan or the boat harnessed on your trailer? With Caravane Landes, arduous trips come to an end for good... And give way to a wonderful holiday in the south of the Landes, by the ocean! How does it work? You choose the space that suits you... And we take care of the winter storage of your vehicle on site, during your absence.
Long-term storage and wintering services available for: Caravans, Motorhomes, Boats, Cars and all other types of vehicle.

Our long-term caravan storage options in Landes

Storage on
a plot of land

The ideal pitch rental for anyone who wants to park, store and winterise their caravan or other vehicle simply and cheaply in the south of the Landes!
Storage area less than 6 metres : 200 €/year
Storage area more than 6 metres : 270€/year

Stockage de caravanes sur emplacement extérieur pour hivernage à Messanges, Landes

Storage in an unenclosed sheltered area

A sheltered parking area that adapts to the size of your vehicle (caravan, motor home, car or even boat) to protect it from the winter weather.
Unenclosed storage shelters under 6 metres : 275€/semester | 350€/year
Unenclosed sheltered storage over 6 metres : 350€/semester | 515€/year

stationnement couvert et non fermé pour stockage de caravanes dans les Landes

Storage in a sheltered, enclosed parking area

The ideal place for holidaymakers or seasonal residents to store their recreational vehicle(s) for long periods in the best possible conditions. With the enclosed caravan storage shelter, you can be sure of carefree winter storage.
Closed storage shelters under 6 metres : 300/semester | 375€/year
Closed storage shelters over 6 metres : 375€/semestre | 540€/an

Stockage de caravanes sur emplacement pour hivernage couvert et fermé

Caravan transport service

Make your holiday even more idyllic by finding your caravan set up directly on your campsite pitch, ready for your arrival in the Landes! The Caravane Landes team will take care of everything, transporting your real little mobile home from its wintering and storage site... to the 5-star campsite that's getting ready to welcome you.
(Only available on the following campsites Le Vieux Port, Lou Pignada and Domaine de la Marina)
Caravan transport: €60